Blog and 3M Corporation Conducts Training for Food Laboratory Technicians and 3M Corporation Conducts Training for Food Laboratory Technicians

Oman based,, premier food-safety supplies and equipment provider in partnership with 3M Corporation, USA recently conducted a training (11th February 2019, Muscat, Oman) programme for Food Laboratory Technicians in Muscat.

The training programme that involved lecture and hands-on workshop was led by Mr. Zeeshan Alam Khan, Microbiologist at A’Saffa Food Processing LLC. Zeeshan shared his wealth of experience in food safety with the team along with his know-how in using 3M Petrifilm and other food safety products. Mr, Alex Arzoumanian, Country Manager – Oman for 3M gave an overview of the company and its commitment to support the food industry in Oman to achieve best practice standards in food safety.

The hands-on workshop familiarized the participants with the plating technique for 3M Petrifilms with different food safety samples such as milk and juice. The participants for the workshop included laboratory technicians from food processing industry and third party quality assurance laboratory. provides as comprehensive product line in food safety supplies and equipment.Through their flagship partnership with 3M Corporation, USA, they offer time-tested products such as Hygiene & Cleaning Monitoring – Clean Trace ATP System, Quality Indicator Testing – Petri Films, Pathogen Testing, Prepared and Dehydrated Media for Food Testing, Oil Quality Testing Strips (Shortening Monitor), Time and Temperature Monitors for Cold Chains. The company also offers other food safety products such as Personal Protective Equipments – Gloves, Masks, Hairnet etc, Hand Hygiene, Surface Disinfection, Area Decontamination, Air Disinfection, Sterilisation Indicators, Chemical Indicators, Biological Indicators, Waste Bins, Waste Bags and Antibiotic Test Kits through their world-wide partners.

The training and hands-on course was attended by 9 food laboratory and quality control professionals from major food processing industries and third party labs in Oman. The event was held at the newly commissioned training centre in Misfah, Muscat.