Healthcare Website Design & Marketing

Healthcare Website Design & Marketing

Developing your Website

Did you know more than 87% of the patients search the internet for finding a good doctor? Think of your website as the reception of your clinic/hospital on the internet. It is your first chance to make that good impression. With our exclusive partnership with eWoke Soft we can help you build a high-quality website that deliver results. Our partnership with eWoke provides you access to a world-class design team, developers, content creators and marketing experts. We combine our local knowledge and our partner’s international experience to create a website that will stand out from the competition.

Making your website easy to find (or Search Engine Optimization/SEO)

Once your website is built, we will work with you to identify the type of customers and services that you want to target for your business. We will then fine-tune your website to ensure customers searching for such services are guided to your website by Google and other search engines. This will be an on-going process of refining the content and promoting your website on the internet, so that we increase your chances of it appearing on the search results when patients are looking for a service.

Helping you find more customers (or Social Media Management/SMM)

Another important tool to help you reach your prospective customers is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and others. Our social media team will work with you to help increase awareness of your clinic and its services, generate new enquiries and alert you about any feedback from customers on social media. We will also provide you with suggestions on social media marketing campaigns that will help you engage with your existing and new customers and keep them informed about important events.

and more….

Our team is also capable of providing you other custom-made solutions such as development of online appointment scheduling from your website, help you advertise on internet and social media, development of logo and marketing materials.

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