Blog and Saniswiss Conducts Training for Infection Prevention & Control Professionals and Saniswiss Conducts Training for Infection Prevention & Control Professionals

25th March 2019, Muscat, Oman – Oman based,, the market leader in infection prevention and control segment in partnership with saniswiss sa, Switzerland recently conducted a training programme for Infection Prevention & Control Professionals in Muscat.


The training programme involved lecture and hands-on workshop was led by Sari Abusalesh, Area Sales Manager for the Middle East & North Africa for Sanswiss. The half-day programme covered the importance of infection prevention and control and automated area decontamination in particular. Mr. Abusaleh identified this as an area which has the most potential for improvement within health care settings around the world.


The participants were introduced to the patented saniswiss technology which provides broad-spectrum efficacy using super ionized H202. It is also important to recognize that the technology achieves the efficacy without the use of any added catalytic or stabilizing agents such as colloidal silver that is known to be harmful for equipment and healthcare workers. The interactive nature of the workshop provided the participants with a platform to answer various questions related to area decontamination or fumigation.


The hands-on workshop covered the measurement of room volume, preparatory measures before decontamination, working of the saniswiss automate machine and the usage of chemical indicators for validation of the process. with its work on decontamination service at over 12 hospitals from Buraimi to Salalah have demonstrated aHP decontamination process can be successfully integrated to the infection prevention and control plan and provide an extra level of assurance than exclusively relying on manual cleaning.


Boosted H202 fogging technology from Saniswiss, Switzerland (’s partner in area decontamination) delivers disinfection of the air and surfaces within a short period of time. An average room can be disinfected within 5-10 minutes and will be ready for use less than an hour after completion of 30 min of contact time. The room can be used immediately after ventilation of the volume. It leaves no trace, does not wet, it is safe for surfaces or electronic equipment.


The training and hands-on course were attended by 22 infection prevention and control professionals from government and private hospitals across Oman. The event was held at the newly commissioned training centre in Misfah, Muscat. The training facility can cater to over 100 participants and up to 3 different courses at any time. is currently collaborating with its partners worldwide to draw in from their experience to enhance the knowledge levels of healthcare professionals in Oman. Particular target groups of the training facility are hygiene and healthcare professionals, dentists, dental hygienists and all professionals active in the hygiene areas of healthcare facilities.