Blog in Emergency Response to MERS Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Outbreak in Oman in Emergency Response to MERS Coronavirus  (MERS-CoV) Outbreak in Oman

25th February 2019, Muscat, Oman

Oman based,, a leading infection control and prevention provider has been at the forefront of containing recent MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreak in Oman.

Working in collaboration with healthcare professionals from the government departments,’s area decontamination services team (fumigation) travelled to the outbreak site during the weekend.’s team of 5 trained resources who are well-versed in infection prevention control protocols and area decontamination (fumigation) in particular were involved in this emergency response situation at 3 different sites within the Sultanate.

The company’s area decontamination package includes the use of boosted H202 machine, trained resources to operate the machine, boosted H202 solution, H202 indicator strips, materials required for pre-cleaning (Antimicrobial Surface Wipes and Pre-cleaning solution for floors), ATP Swabs, Personal Protective Equipment for the staff operating the machine. with its work on decontamination service at over 12  hospitals from Buraimi to Salalah have demonstrated  aHP decontamination process can be successfully integrated to the infection prevention and control plan and provide extra level of assurance than exclusively relying on manual  cleaning.

Boosted H202 fogging technology from Saniswiss, Switzerland (’s partner in area decontamination) delivers disinfection of the air and surfaces within a short period of time. An average room can be disinfected within 5-10 minutes and will be ready for use less than an hour after completion of 30 min of contact time. The room can be used immediately after ventilation of the volume. It leaves no trace, does not wet, it is safe for surfaces or electronic equipment.

For personal protection of the team carrying out the disinfection, the company uses Emergency Containment Full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Cat 3 Coverall from GV Health, UK. This all-in-one personal protection, containment and disinfection kits are suitable for emergency use during highly infectious healthcare related outbreaks or pandemics. The kit Includes full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Category 3, Types 3, 4, 5 & 6 disposable coverall with integrated head covering (hood) and an extra pair of gloves for double layering. is an end-to-end solutions provider in infection prevention and control. The company covers the complete spectrum of products and solutions including hand-hygiene, surface disinfection, instrument disinfection, sterilization monitoring, chemical indicators, biological indicators, CSSD consumables, area decontamination and air disinfection. Their in-house certified Infection Control Practitioners are also able to offer classroom based and practical training programmes on Infection Control for the customers.

Apart from H202 decontamination services, the company also offers customers and service providers with the H202 decontamination (fumigation) equipment, consumables and training.