Alfarsi: The Helping Hand in Oman to Prevent and Control Infections

Alfarsi: The Helping Hand in Oman to Prevent and Control Infections

Al Farsi Medical Supplies are the recognized leaders in infection prevention and control products in Oman. We offer a complete solution for Hand Hygiene, Surface Disinfection, Air Sterilization, Area Decontamination, Instrument Sterilization, Sterilization Monitoring and Covid-19 Prevention. We provide high quality infection control products to protect yourself from corona virus and all other types of viruses.

Check our Infection Control products and services:


1. Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is most important in nowadays. Make sure to buy the WHO recommended formulation for alcohol hand-rub i.e. 80% ethanol or 75% ISO-propyl alcohol. So we are recommending Sterillium®  99.999% pure which is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. Also, it is skin friendly and available both in gel and liquid formulations.


2. Surface Disinfection

The importance of Surface Disinfection is increasing in all sectors. All are confused to choose the proper disinfection method. Our surface disinfection products including pre-soaked tissues (Bacillol -30 Tissues, Mikrobac Tissues, Bacillol Tissues), concentrates (Mikrobac Forte), spray (Bacillol AF, Bacillol 30) and granules (Dismozon Plus) from Bode Chemie, Germany.


3. Air sterilization

To avoid the risk of airborne infection in high-risk locations, we made the exclusive dealership of the state-of-the-art Novaerus – an airborne pathogen control technology. Novaerus creates a plasma signature so that when airborne bacteria, pathogens, mould, allergens and odors pass across the plasma field, those organisms are rendered inert.


4. Area Decontamination

We offer Sanitizer Automate P (6 % of boosted Hydrogen Peroxide) and Sanitizer Automate C (12 % of boosted Hydrogen Peroxide) for Automated Area Decontamination. Contact us for implementation of Automated Area Decontamination solutions.


5. Instrument sterilization

We concentrate on two-in-one solutions in our instrument disinfection product line that help hospitals to achieve clean and disinfection in a single phase. Based on the level of disinfection, we give our customers the option of Bomix plus, Korsolex plus and KorsolexmedAF from Bode Chemie, Germany.


6. Sterilization Monitoring

Mechanical indicators, chemical indicators, and biological indicators are three methods for tracking sterilization procedures. Sterlab, Francethat, manufacturers of chemical indicators (Steripoint) and Terragene, Argentina, are our collaborations in Sterilization Monitoring, providing the full range of biological indicators and incubators, including the ultra-rapid version that provides results in just 20 minutes.


7. Covid-19 Suppliers

The entire world is under covid-19 pandemic, so take steps to protect yourself and your family. Our infection control products including PPE Kits, Foot Protector, Head Cover, Latex Gloves, Protective Eye Wear, N 95 Mask / KN95 Mask, Face Shield, IR Thermometer, Ozone Air Disinfectant, Finger Pulse oximeter and more.



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