Automated Area Decontamination Product Suppliers in Oman

Automated Area Decontamination Product Suppliers in Oman

Contamination is the presence of impurity or some other undesirable elements that spoils, corrupts or infects a material, physical body or an area. A range of pathogens are shed into the environment and can cause widespread contamination. When impure or hazardous materials are concentrated and exceed a detectable level, this area is generally referred to as “contaminated area”.


Contamination of the environment plays a key role in the transmission of some pathogens that cause healthcare-associated infection. It is, therefore, necessary to mould a non-contaminated area by removing contaminants from that area. This process of neutralization or removal of dangerous substances or germs from an area, object, or person is termed as Decontamination.


Automated Area Decontamination is the new frontier in infection control. Saniswiss Automate (the fogging or fumigation machine) and its automatic and reproducible airborne disinfection spread a dry-mist across the room for decontamination. This provides two different formulations to be used with the device – Sanitizer Automate P, a preventive option for routine use of the machine and Sanitizer Automate C, a curative option for potential outbreaks.

  • Saniswiss Automate device is at the heart of the area decontamination product range. Unlike traditional fumigation devices, Automate uses a venturi-system to achieve aerosolization of the H202 solution. This can cover up to 350 square meters in a single cycle for larger areas but we offer Saniswiss automate supercharged that can decontaminate areas up to 7000 square meters at a time. We are also able to provide hospitals with built-in customized solutions as part of their critical area infrastructure.


  • Saniswiss Automate C has been specifically developed for dealing with outbreaks in hospitals and is 12% boosted Hydrogen peroxide and 88% super-ionized water. No harmful side-effects, no toxicity, no disposal precautions and ease of handling make this new silver-free airborne sanitizer a truly effective disinfectant for daily use.


  • Saniswiss Automate P, 6% boosted Hydrogen peroxide and 94% super-ionized water, has been specifically developed for routine and scheduled disinfection. Automate P has a broad spectrum of efficacy covering bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores. It is also eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, and leaves no residue without generating germ resistance. is one of the best suppliers of Automated Area Decontamination products in Oman. Call us today or visit our website: to know more about infection control products.