DAC Universal Dental Autoclave

DAC Universal Dental Autoclave

In this infection spreading scenario, personal hygiene and disinfection of harmful viruses play a vital role all around. But hygiene, sterilization, and infection control are critical considerations in dental practice all the time. In a well maintained dental clinic, cleaning and disinfecting the surroundings, work area, and equipment are fundamentals for guaranteeing the safety of both healthcare professionals and patients. Hence disinfection of non-sterilizable and non-replaceable equipment is a must need in every dental clinic.


At, we had collaborated with FONA (a dental company), to bring out the best equipment in dental practice hygiene management. Their sterilizer brings you reliable sterilization results with the highest safety. This device protects yourself, your staff, and your patients from infectious micro-organisms. They have DAC Universal Dental Autoclave too. It is a combination autoclave that cleans, lubricates, sterilizes, and dries all wrapped and unwrapped handpieces, contra-angles, turbines, and solid instruments that we use in our dental clinic. They also offer a unique product named Purgenius that delivers filtrated, decalcified, and disinfected water. This reduces the existing and new biofilm in treatment unit water lines. The process done is free of added chemicals and does not produce wastewater.


Complete safety is achieved with DAC Universal since it complies with hygiene standards at the touch of a button and avoids cross-contamination. It assures all-around protection and hence patients put their complete trust in the treatment with the reprocessed, disinfected, or sterilized instruments.


Hygiene is an increasingly important practice nowadays and is increasingly controlled day-to-day. It guarantees the protection of your equipment as well as your patients without carrying out a manual cleaning and save the time consumed on manual cleaning. is one of the best suppliers of Dental equipment & consumables in Oman. Call us today or visit our website to know more about dental hygiene products.