Dental Consumables from Leading Manufactures

Dental Consumables from Leading Manufactures

High-quality dental consumables support every dental clinic to run successfully. offers a wide range of dental consumables to support the daily work to meet the dental hygiene requirements. You can find a broad assortment of high-quality and affordable consumables with products including gloves, face masks, PPE, cotton rolls, mouth rinsing cups, aspirator tips, saliva ejectors, and every dental consumable that needs to run a clinic.


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Gloves are one of the most frequently used personal protective equipment within a clinic. Gloves offer protection to dental professionals by creating an effective barrier. The way of choosing the gloves depends on the type of activity and personnel preference. We have the option of latex gloves, nitrile gloves, sterile gloves also heavy-duty gloves used for different purposes in dental fields.


Face Mask

Face masks provide a barrier to protect the respiratory system from airborne contaminants. In dental clinics, it will protect the clinician from potentially infectious aerosols and at the same time helps to breathe without much difficulty. We also provide N95 masks for clinical use under special circumstances.


Personnel Protective Equipment or PPE

PPEs are meant to protect dental professionals from the hazardous materials found in the workplace. It is designed to provide complete protection and avoid any infection to pass on to you. The PPE range includes protective eyewear, masks, face shields, caps, protective clothing, and gloves.


Treatment Aids

We are in need of different types of treatment aids along with the above-mentioned products to support the dental clinic. In that sense, we provide dental treatment aids such as polishing brushes, pastes, and tooth cleaners, filling products such as matrices, applicators, mixing spatulas, mixing blocks, impression trays, silicones, and functional impression materials along with retraction threads.


Surgical Consumables

In the surgical consumable range, we offer products such as sterile disposable syringes, single-use cannula, irrigation cannulas, dental suture needles and threads, handles, and blades. Within the surgical range, we are also able to offer surgical clogs, surgical drapes, and surgical gowns. For infection control, we offer medical soap, hand hygiene liquid, and other infection prevention and control consumables.


We stock all other consumables that are required for a dental clinic. Our experience and connections at the global consumables supply chain help us to procure products from leading manufacturers. As the leading dental supplies in Oman, most of our products will be always in stock so that no one would be inconvenienced by the non-availability of products.