Dental Equipments That You Must Have in Your Dental Clinic

Dental Equipments That You Must Have in Your Dental Clinic

Your dental office equipment should be a top priority if you’re currently renovating or expanding an existing dental practice. In any business, having the proper tools for the job is always certain. The same is true for the dentistry sector, where all essential elements are required to operate a successful dental clinic. With the correct tools, you can give your patients a secure and enjoyable experience. Patients may occasionally feel anxious about going to the dentist, but if they are given a hygienic, comforting environment, they may feel more at ease.


If you’re new in this, we can guide you with all the tips. As the leading dental equipment supplier in Muscat, Oman, our experienced sales consultants, dental equipment specialists, and repair service technicians can assist with your dental equipment purchase, installation, or repair needs. We also provide professional dental equipment installation and maintenance to keep your dental equipment in top working condition. All our products come with a manufacturer warranty, and we provide attractive service packages for dental equipment after the warranty period.

Let’s have a look at the products that you can add in your dental clinic for the best practice.


X-Ray, OPG & 3D


Right dental imaging products are critical for the successful diagnosis and treatment of patients. With the best-in-class selection of extra oral and intra oral imaging products, is your right partner when it comes to X-Rays, OPG, Ceph, 3D and other digital imaging solutions in Muscat, Oman. In the extra-oral range of imaging products, we offer different models of complete and compact, fully upgradeable 3D CBCT, Panoramic and Cephalometric systems. With our intraoral imaging product range, we wall-mounted and mobile dental X-Ray units, advanced intraoral sensors and Digital X-Ray Phosphor Plates. Apart from our partnership with FONA (part of Dentsply Sirona Group), our Imaging portfolio is complete with Dolphin Imaging , the world’s leading providers of 3D imaging for specialized dental practitioners (including orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and oral and maxillofacial radiologists).




Compressor and Suction are the unsung heroes of your dental operatory! We are proud to represent the world leaders, DurrDental (Germany) Compressors and Suction equipment in Oman. Being a reliable partner of dental/medical practitioners for more than 70 years, Durr is able to offer the right solution for all requirements. Our in-house Durr equipment specialists and repair service technicians can assist with your compressor and suction equipment purchase, installation or repair needs. Being the authorized

dealers, we have ready availability of Tornado Compressor series that offers quality at an attractive price. We also have ready stock of different suction equipment options including wet, dry and with amalgam separators.




Sterilization and cross-infection control are critical considerations in a dental practice. We have collaborated with FONA ( aDentsply Sirona company) to bring the best equipment in dental practice hygiene management. Hygenius B class sterilizer brings you reliable sterilization results with highest safety. Protect yourself, your staff and your patients with this must have device. The DAC Universal is combination autoclave that cleans, lubricates, sterilizes, and dries handpieces, contra-angles, turbines and solid instruments both wrapped and unwrapped. Purgenius is a unique product, delivering filtrated, decalcified and disinfected water which reduces existing and new biofilm in treatment unit water lines. The process is free of added chemicals and does not produce waste water. Call us today to find out more.




A dental treatment unit is a key element of any dental office. We are proud to exclusively represent dental treatment units from FONA, part of Dentsply Sirona Group. Engineered to award-winning German design standards FONA dental treatment units meet the highest ergonomic and safety standards. The modular design concept allows configuring the treatment units according to your individual requirements thus making it fit perfectly into your practice.




CAD/CAM system will be one of the most important dental technology choices that you will make for your clinic. A fully integrated CAD/CAM solution such as FONA (part of Dentsply Sirona Group) MyCrown is able to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges in just one visit and can be the growth engine for you clinic. With FONA MyCrown system, the full process of restoration is completed in a single appointment thus saving time for both patient and dentist. The intuitive scan and MyCrown design software eliminate the need for conventional impressions, waiting time and further appointments. The state-of-the-art camera scans the area and advanced software produces a design with high accuracy and precision while, at the same time, allowing to make adjustments for a perfect fit. Visit our showroom for a free hands-on demonstration.

The secret to opening a new dental practice is to make sure your strategy is safe. By offering the highest calibre dental care, you aim to maximize your patients’ experiences by creating a clean, open environment for them. This is accomplished by selecting the proper equipment that will improve your work and preserve a hygienic environment. Choose the best Dental Equipments In Muscat, Oman from Alfarsi to revamp your dental clinics in a new way.