How Oxygen Concentrators Helps COVID-19 Patients?

How Oxygen Concentrators Helps COVID-19 Patients?

Oxygen therapy has evolved as the recommended treatment for critical patients infected during the country’s second COVID-19 breakout. We need a consistent supply of oxygen flowing from our lungs to other cells in our bodies to survive. Due to the obvious expanding demand for oxygen, the country’s liquid oxygen stores have been depleted, forcing people to look for alternatives, resulting in an increase in the requirement for oxygen concentrators.


Oxygen concentrators work similarly to oxygen cylinders in that they deliver oxygen to the body via a cannula, oxygen masks, or nasal tubes. Oxygen concentrators have the ability to produce up to 95% pure oxygen, and they are different from cylinders in that they can work 24/7.


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Before using that, you need to know how they can help COVID-19 patients and what the benefits are.


Since COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, the majority of people infected with it will experience mild to moderate respiratory symptoms. It’s important to note that a level of oxygen saturation of 94-100 percent is considered safe and healthy. When people’s oxygen saturation levels decreased below 94 percent, they should start using concentrators.


Oxygen concentrators can assist in giving the finest oxygen supportive care available. The majority of instances that aren’t too serious and don’t necessitate the use of a ventilator can be treated with breathing treatments aided by an oxygen concentrator. It aids in the delivery of oxygen to the lungs and bloodstream, reducing the risk of further issues. Patients can receive supplemental oxygen from the safety and comfort of their own homes with the help of this device.


Medical oxygen concentrators are a cost-effective and long-lasting resource. Hospitals are currently overloaded due to the obvious rise in the number of infected patients, and oxygen aid is essential. In this case, oxygen concentrators can be highly beneficial in providing oxygen support in your house. Portable oxygen concentrators are also available for travel use.


The use of an oxygen concentrator in the fight against coronavirus can be extremely effective. Well, oxygen concentrators have long been a necessary aspect of any home with infected people or those suffering from respiratory disorders.