How to Reduce the Risk of Infection During Travel?

How to Reduce the Risk of Infection During Travel?

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken a hit on traveling over the last couple of months. With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, people are canceling booked trips and are being cautioned by health officials to limit all non-essential travels.


But what do you do if it’s an urgent trip that is unavoidable? If you’ve to travel during this outbreak, how can you protect yourself from those disease-causing viruses? Can you really travel without any risks during the Coronavirus outbreak?


Here, we are going to explain some criteria you must follow during travel to reduce the risk of Infection.

Unfortunately, it’s not completely safe or risk-free to travel during this Coronavirus period regardless of your age, health, or the country you’re visiting. Fairly all are recommended to avoid travel as much as possible to prevent any chances of infection. This is mainly because people may return from a trip without any symptoms or health issues, but they may still be infected and spread the virus to others. So if possible please avoid travel especially unnecessary visits.


Here is something WHO asks us to follow to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus during travels:


1) As always said Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands – Since it has been found that coronavirus can stay on surfaces for hours after it has been touched by an infected person, you are strictly recommended to avoid touching your face unless you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your hands, especially when you are in a public place.

2) Always remember to keep your distance and stay in places with good hygiene and cleanliness – The symptoms of coronavirus disease are similar to that of common flu or cold. So try to stay at least three feet away from everyone while you are outside your place.

3) Wear a mask whenever you go out & better avoid crowds – Wearing a mask can protect yourselves, on the other hand, it can protect others too. If in any case, you are infected, using a mask prevents further spread to other people. Also, staying away from lots of people at any place can reduce the risk of getting infected.

4) Research about the Coronavirus outbreak in the place you are going to visit – Don’t forget to check what the health and government officials are advising in the place you are going to visit and do exactly what is said. Usually, the rules to protect yourself from the virus are the same wherever you go.


Had a rethink on your travel plans during the Coronavirus pandemic?

If not yet, Think Now & Act Smart.