Reduce The Risk of Corona Virus Infection

Reduce The Risk of Corona Virus Infection

Coronaviruses are spreading all over. These are a large family of respiratory viruses that can cause diseases ranging from the common cold to the Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). These viruses spread through coughing, sneezing, or touching a virus-infected person.


Symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to a common cold including:

1) A Runny Nose

2) Headache

3) Cough

4) Fever

5) Shortness of Breath

6) Chills

7) Body Aches

In most cases, you won’t know whether you have a coronavirus or a different cold-causing virus.


Coronaviruses were first identified in the 1960s, but we don’t know where they come from. Researchers think the new virus probably came from bats, as the SARS virus did, with which it shares 80 percent of its genetic makeup. But we still don’t know which animal passed it on to humans.


So far, there have been more than 4,600 confirmed cases and more than 100 deaths reported on Coronavirus infection. The majority of the illnesses are in China, but cases have been reported in 17 other countries, including the US. No deaths related to the illness have been reported outside of China.


We don’t yet know how rapidly or easily the virus can spread. In China, sick people have been infecting others through person-to-person transmission since the start of January.


Health authorities and scientists say some precautions that can be used against viral illnesses: Wash hands frequently, cover-up coughs, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, also avoid close contact with people who are sick, and if found anyone who does come down with the virus should be placed in isolation. In case of symptoms suggestive of acute respiratory illness before, during or after travel, the travelers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share travel history with their health care provider.


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