The Importance of Calibrating Medical Equipments

The Importance of Calibrating Medical Equipments

The COVID-19 pandemic has created barriers for all companies and sectors, but hospitals and healthcare facilities have been hit particularly hard. The pandemic resulted in unusually high demand for certain medical devices. But regular maintenance and calibration of existing hospital equipment are necessary to maintain and ensure the health and safety of patients. Alfarsi, a provider of Medical Equipment Calibration & Servicing in Oman, Muscat, acted quickly to ensure that these services were not interrupted during the ever-changing pandemic.


Patients’ health and safety remain to be the highest priority for hospitals and clinics. Doctors and nurses depend on the accuracy and precision of the instruments they used to track patients. As a result, a device’s precision and accuracy are crucial. The medical device industry is regulated by strict guidelines to serve patients and ensure that public health and safety are not compromised.


Calibration is a procedure carried out by trained technicians to ensure that medical equipment operates efficiently and accurately. Calibration is needed regularly to reduce the possibility of inaccuracy. Although a device may appear to be in good condition on the outside, frequent and intensive hospital use often results in significant internal damage. As a result, calibration must be performed at frequent intervals, which ensures that industry-established requirements are met and that the equipment is operational, resulting in accurate output.


Precaution is always better than cure. The best patient care can guarantee only by the calibration process. Al Farsi’s biomedical engineers are capable of handling both regular and emergency service requests. We have service engineers who are qualified and trained to calibrate and repair laboratory instruments of all models around the world. We also offer annual maintenance contracts and service packages for machines outside the original manufacturer’s warranty. Call us today for more information.