The Importance of Maintaining Surgical Instruments and Patient Safety

The Importance of Maintaining Surgical Instruments and Patient Safety

Surgical instruments play a vital role in hospitals all around the world. These instruments are a significant investment for any healthcare center and are required for patient care. In order to ensure the safety of patients, surgical instruments have to be carefully maintained and in good operating order.


Before getting into the maintenance, make sure you’re utilizing high-quality instruments. Alfarsi, being the top medical instrument provider in Muscat, Oman, offers a complete range of surgical consumables to assist you in meeting healthcare needs of your health center.


Here are some guidelines for keeping surgical instruments in good working order.


Cleaning Process

Contamination in the operation area can be avoided by properly cleaning and reprocessing the instrument. After each use, instruments should be cleaned and dried instantly. For cleaning, and sterilizing, professionals recommend using purified water and solutions.  Take extreme precautions to avoid damaging tiny tips and cutting components.


Inspection & Testing

Instruments must be inspected and tested on a regular basis to verify that they are absolutely suited for their intended use. Do not let any minor mistake put a patient in danger.


Handling & Storage

Many surgical instruments must be handled and stored with extreme caution. As a result, breakage and contamination can be prevented.


Instrument Repairing

All instruments should be repaired at their service time. Daily used instruments need a service once a year to improve their efficiency. Conducting proper inspection frequently and keeping a record regarding the servicing period for all the instruments is significant as well as beneficial.


Avoid Inappropriate Use

Always be using the right instrument for the right surgery, as improper use might compromise and ruin a surgical instrument.


Instruments that are not properly maintained lead to treatment inefficiency, which has a negative influence on the overall business. The staff in charge of managing these types of equipment must be well-versed in their use and maintenance. provides high-quality surgical equipment while also focusing on the servicing procedure and in-service training. Contact us for further queries and assistance.