Food Safety: The Importance of Analysis and Testing

Food Safety: The Importance of Analysis and Testing

Food safety testing is a scientifically-based method that assesses food quality according to its chemical, physical, or microbiological composition. Food safety remains a critical issue today. Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately two billion people worldwide die from infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites.


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Importance of Food Safety Testing

Food safety is essential since it serves to safeguard consumers from foodborne illness. It also helps warn consumers about the risk of health problems like allergies and even death. To protect public health, food companies ensure and confirm that their products are free of harmful food hazards. Food safety testing programs are part of the solution to achieve the global integration of food security and fulfill the greater desire for safer food. In the food industry, every company from small vendors to large multinationals will be aware of the importance of maintaining food safety standards.


Objectives of Food Safety Testing


• Guaranteed Safety of Food Products

The main objective of food safety testing is to provide guaranteed safety and security to food products for consumers. Tests used should be specific, accurate, and repeatable. In this way, honest food safety inspections can be done.


The Prevention of Staled Food Products

As per FDA regulations, genetically modified foods (GMOs) must be tested for safety as well as tested in certified laboratories specializing in food safety testing. By evaluating newly developed consumer products for food safety, new products can be evaluated before being released on the market to minimize consumer exposure and preserve their safety. A report is usually published following these evaluations to ensure the results are accurate.


• Aids in Reducing Food Waste

To meet the rising food demand and the growing food production requirements, food safety testing methods should be scientifically based. A safe food supply minimizes losses, and a sustainable food supply sustains the growth rate of food demand.To achieve a defendable future, the complementary benefits of food security and safety need to be fully emphasized.


Without adequate nutrition, no one can survive, emphasizing the significance of having access to a well-balanced diet. Consumers have no way to know if a product is safe except through sensory or physical analysis. So how do they know if the food they are eating is safe? This is where the role of food retailers in ensuring food security comes into play. To ensure the safety of consumers, every food industry must ensure food security by the human right to adequate food.


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